Working With Me

Working with me

You can be referred by your GP or Psychiatrist or you can contact me directly. I see adults aged 18 and over.

It is best practice for me to notify your GP (or Psychiatrist if you see one) if we decide to work together, and if you have any concerns about this we can discuss them at your initial appointment with me. There is a form here that GPs and other professionals can complete to refer their patients to me.

If you prefer to contact me directly, the first step is to contact me by phone, email or by submitting the enquiry form. I will then answer any queries you may have, and I will explain the next steps to you.

If you decide that you would like to go ahead and book an appointment with me, we will arrange a mutually convenient appointment date and time, and I will send you an appointment confirmation email.

At your first appointment, which lasts 50 minutes, I will complete a registration information sheet to record your basic details and I will also ask you to sign a simple contract regarding attendance of appointments, payment and confidentiality. I will also start the assessment.

Assessment usually takes place over the first two sessions, as it is important for me to get a good understanding of the difficulties that have brought you to therapy. During the assessment phase of therapy I will help you to start making sense of your difficulties and consider your goals for therapy. We will then agree on a course of therapy and treatment that best suits you.

Assessment is normally over two sessions and treatment can be short- term or longer-term, depending on your circumstances.


Individual assessment and  therapy sessions are £105 – £150 depending on type of therapy and needs. Reports and letters charged on an individual basis.

Longer sessions are charged pro rata.

I offer some low-cost sessions, in special circumstances.

Sessions that are funded through contracts with Employee Assistance Programmes and insurance companies vary in terms of fees, depending on the contract and level of liaison and report-writing required.

Individual supervision is £90-£105/hour and group supervision is £60-£80/month.

Please contact me on 07754 083010, email me at or use the enquiry form on the Contact page.

Please see my Information Form and Contract here.