For Professionals

I accept referrals from GPs, Psychiatrists, and Social Services, and self-referrals. I usually liaise with the client’s GP and/or Psychiatrist at regular intervals, in the spirit of best practice joint-working, communication and managing client safety.

I have worked for a number of organisations including voluntary sector, charitable organisations, and the NHS, since 2000. I worked in Community Mental Health Teams within the NHS for 7 years with patients who have moderate to severe mental health problems; I am skilled at managing and containing high levels of distress and using evidence-based therapies such as CBT, EMDR and DBT to help patients overcome their difficulties.

I offer a number of low-cost sessions to patients with special circumstances, for example those with a low income who have a presenting issue that I can work with using an evidence-based therapy and who are reliable attenders and committed to therapy. Please feel free to contact me by telephone to discuss the referral of patients who you think might meet these criteria.

I can offer contracted pieces of work to organisations who wish to fund a course of psychological therapy for their clients or employees. Please contact me to discuss this further.

I have worked with women postnatally who are struggling with their confidence and perhaps need some structured psychological support to help them cope better with the challenges a baby/toddler brings. This includes working with women who are returning to work/have recently returned to work following the birth of their child to support them to rebuild their confidence and manage the demands of work and family life, using  a CBT framework.

I offer clinical supervision online and in-person in Hitchin, both individual and group -please see Group page for further information.

Please feel free to make referrals to me using the form below, to: